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The Micro Wedding | What is it, and how you can achieve the Micro Wedding of your dreams.

Ok. First of all, let me say what we are all thinking. F*ck. This. Virus.

Now, let's chat Micro Weddings. So, when your plans change and you have to either move your wedding to next year, or cancel it all together, and you want to still get married and or commemorate your original wedding day and you're feeling a little bummed, THIS is where the Micro Wedding comes in.

A Micro Wedding can consist of just the two of you, or 2 guests, or 10 guests or even 20 guests. And the idea is that you still make it beautiful and special, rather than just giving into the idea that your plans are a wash, and now you have to get married alone in your yard (or where ever it is that you are having your ceremony.)

So before I show you how we designed an ethereal DREAM of a Micro Wedding in under 10 days, here are a few tips and tricks to help you plan yours:

1) Decide who you want there, and where you want to have it. It can be your backyard, it can be a park. The world is your oyster. (But if you choose a public location, be sure to call the city hall to see if you need a permit to set up there.)

2) Lean on your vendors! They will know the right people (if any) you need to bring in to help carry out your dream!

3) DIY! Look around your house to see what you already have, to make a really special little celebration! (Wait until you see the things we used below!)

4) HAVE AN OPEN MIND! This are weird right now, changes have to be made. Don't get stuck on an idea, be open and get creative! There are no rules!

On to the Micro Wedding that we designed in under 10 days. I had a spot in mind at a local park. We got the necessary permissions by emailing the town and got to work. I drove around my town until I saw a palette on the side of the road. I snagged it up, brought it home and white washed it. My husband found some extra wood in the basement and make me some legs. Ashley- who is the amazing planner for this shoot (Aced Events) grabbed all of the throw pillows in her house to use as seating, and some gold candle holders that she had in her home as well. And I had the white candle sticks at my house (you can find both on Amazon Prime!) We found some pretty trays in a Facebook Tag Sale group for under $10 for both! We got some gorgeous table runners from Snassy Crafter (2.50 each) , and place settings from Petals and Plates (under 12 for each complete place setting, including plates, flatware and glasses). The splurge here would be the incredible centerpiece from Flowers by Tracy, which was $250.00. But MORE than worth it. We also had some incredible French Macarons from Simply Sugar to add a special elegant touch. So for this service for 4, you'd come in under $500.00. And honestly, who wouldn't want to celebrate at this gorgeous table?! You can order in from your favorite takeout place, put some music on and just soak in all the love and make incredible memories.

This is part of your story, whether you want it to be or not. Why not make the best of it?! I can't wait to share this full set up with you, but for now, here are a couple of peeks!!!

Can we talk about how 2 days before this shoot, this table was a palette leaning against a dumpster?

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