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Another Fall In New England {Engagement}

Fall is when New Englanders come alive. It's literally what we are made and bred for...practically. So you can't roll your eyes too much at us for all of the fall things that emerge between September and November. I'll be really honest. When I see people who are from like...the mid west or the south going ham for all the fall things, my New England soul automatically rolls my eyes. (my soul, not my actual self, so I have no control over it.) Because I'm thinking "but did you buy those leaves at Michael's though?".

Ok so all of that was my justification for feeling so basic about the many, MANY fall shoots and weddings that I ecstatically take part in every year.

So back to this engagement shoot. Stella and Trevor are one of those couples who, even though I have only met them once, I feel like I have known them forever. It feels like Stella has been one of my brides every year. She just fits so well with my whole vision. When I met them for the first time, I completely forgot that we had never met before. It might be because I frequently stalk her social media. But it's fine. I'm only there for the food posts most of the time so it's not that weird....right? ;)

Anyway. Let's take a look at how freaking sweet they are, because you're not here to listen to my complaints about fall outside of New England, or how I creep my couple's social media. (Which is really so I can see how they do life together....there's a method to the madness, I promise.)

Also I need to mention how in love I am with this powder blue gown against all of the rich warm fall tones. Yessss.

Bride: Both Gowns are from Lulus

Hair/Makeup: Beauty By Alyssa

Groom: Black Jacket: Calvin Klein

Grey Jacket: Michael Kors

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