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I'm Heather! 
I love: The color black, chocolate and Pepsi, French macarons (pistachio is my fav) the smell of lilacs in the spring, the moon, the stars, and the feel of fresh blankets after being hung outside in the sunshine. I love wedding cake (I need a piece from every wedding), animals (all of them) and all things vintage, and old. I love books, reading (I read like...a lot), and handmade flower crowns. And I LOVE a good, classic black and white photo.

Am I the Wedding Photographer, for YOU?
If you are fun, love. If you love long, aimless walks around new cities, a dripping cone of gelato, laying in the grass, and watching the stars in the sky, curling up under the covers with a great book, or soaking in a steaming hot bubble bath with a whole ass bottle of champagne to yourself (it's a healthy coping mechanism)...then we are off to a good start, and I would love to get to know you better! Let's hop on a quick phone call so I can talk you through all of your questions and concerns! 


Recently traveled for weddings/shoots: Florida, Georgia,  Jamaica,  Mexico, Greece, France, Switzerland, New York, New Jersey, Massachussetts, Florida, Texas, California, Jamaica.

Up Next: England, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Massachussetts, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Bahamas, Italy (Florence first, and Venice next)

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