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Best Things You Can Get Accomplished For Your Wedding During Quarantine!

Hey!! Raise your hand if you feel stuck in a wedding planning limbo because you can't leave your house! Ok now put it down, because I'm here to tell you that you do not, and SHOULD NOT be halting your plans. I know it feels overwhelming because you're stuck inside, you have so many things to do, and you're probably feeling like wedding anything is more of a luxury activity so you are totally back shelving it. Am I right?

But it doesn't need to be that way. Whether you've already started your planning, and invested money into your wedding, or you're just starting (I mean, what better time to start planning a wedding than NOW, when you have the time?!) you deserve to let yourself get lost in the excitement. Life is going to go on after this pandemic is over, so give yourself the head start!

Ashley, from Aced Events (my FAVORITE wedding planner in the entire world- and I have worked with planners all over the world, so trust me!) and I did another LIVE chat on Instagram last night to give you some productive wedding tasks that you can accomplish while house bound, so I wanted to give you a quick recap!

Memorial Table Photos:

Are you doing a memorial table to honor family members that are no longer with us? Now is the perfect time to start gathering those photos. You can call or email with family members to see who has what photos, and if they're able, they can scan them and email them to you (or whoever is taking on this task for you) or at least have them ready to go for when we can leave our homes. If you are printing copies of these photos, you can have them all loaded onto whatever site you're printing from and ready for print. (Most print labs are closed right now, but you can still submit the order so its ready to go when everything opens back up!)

You can also use this same bit of advice if you're doing a generational wedding photo table. (Where you display wedding photos from your families for as far back as you can go.) This is one of my favorite things to see at a wedding, and it adds a great space of interest for your guests, if you're looking to add any detail to your wedding decor!

Working On Your Vows:

I mean. This one is self explanatory. Get comfy and let your heart pour into your vows. This is also a great time to chat with your officiant. We spoke with Shelley from JP of CT during our LIVE chat, and she was giving us some awesome insight on how she's helping her couples stay productive and motivated to write their vows and get their ceremony script set in place. She's setting of virtual readings with her couples to they can do a ceremony run through. How fun would that be right now?!

Your Playlist With your DJ or Band:

Reach out to your entertainment and see what you can do on your end to set the tone for your reception. Even if its earlier than you'd normally be taking on this task, it's a great time to get it done so that you don't have to worry about it later on!