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A Forest Wedding in New England

When I first talked to Monica and Rob, I was automatically in love with them. Rob is super tech savvy- so he designed a virtual reality video game of Harry Potter and asked Monica to check it out for him. If you don't know anything about Harry Potter (first off, you need to learn up)- there is a mirror called Mirror of Erised- which shows you your heart's desire. So Monica, standing in their living room wearing a virtual reality mask, wandering through the halls of Hogwarts, stumbles upon this mirror, when she notices their wedding song (Haley Reinhart's Can't Help Falling in Love with You) is playing. She looks into this mirror and sees an engagement ring, and when she takes off the mask, there was Rob, asking her to be his wife.

So they are telling me this story and I'm CRYING (not nearly as hard as I cried when they sent me the video of all of this happening, which was split screen, so I could see what she was seeing in the game, and her real life reaction). We talked for a while and before we got off the phone they booked with me, and I will cherish them forever.

Ok so their wedding day. It was a gorgeous fall day, and their venue was nestled in the forest, providing the most gorgeous backdrop.

Rob arranged for an old friend- who Monica was not expecting to be at the wedding- to surprise Monica, by stepping onto the stage to sing their wedding song for their first dance. The day was just packed full of little surprises and lots of happy tears, and joy.

Take a look for yourself!

Monica's friend brought the lace in this image, back from Italy for the bride. <3

Borrowed heirlooms. <3

This first look will go down in history as one of my all time favs.

This Olive Oil was made by the bride's family at her Grandfather's Olive Grove in Italy, for all of the guests (and it was DELISH- I brought some home!) The picture on the tag is of the bide and groom in that Olive Grove.

Monica when she realized that her friend was there, and singing their wedding song.

One of the groomsmen hid little notes all over their sweetheart table for them to find. So sweet.

They had an Italian Ice truck. I mean. <3

Thanks for popping in!


Groom/ Groomsmen: Mantoni / Allen Edmonds

Bridesmaids: Hayley Paige

Ring box: The Mrs Box

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