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The Best Things You Could Possibly Do To Get the BEST Wedding Photos! | CT Wedding Photographer

Raise your hand if you started a wedding board on Pinterest the second you were engaged. (Which is also code for "You've already had one since long before you even bad a boyfriend"'s fine.) Are you dreaming of photos like that for your wedding day?! One of the most common things new brides say to me is that they love my work because it looks like something they would see on Pinterest. (Or that they saw me on Pinterest and sought me out)

So I wanted to share some tips with you that will help you get the best images, that can make your wedding dreams come true!

1. Choose a light, neutral colored getting ready space, with lots of natural lights and a big window space! (This won't apply to you as much if you like dark and moody pictures, but if you're here I don't think that's the case!)

Catalina's wedding day was on a cold, dreary rainy and dark New England winter day. But because of her getting ready location, and its light neutral coloring, and decent sized window, it looks like we are surrounded by a sunny day in a room with tons of windows, which was far from the case.

2. Make sure your getting ready space is clean and uncluttered!

Have your girls leave their stuff in another room, and they can go there to change, so that your space is clear and stress free! This helps photos stay distraction free. In the images below,the bride got a large room that had an attached bedroom. So the girls all got ready in the big space, which left the bedroom uncluttered, and open to a quiet space for the bride if she needed it!


Can't stress this one enough! I actually just did an Instagram post about this. The more open to your photographers suggestions and ideas you are, the better results you will always get! In the images below, all of the portraits were taken before the ceremony and it was muddy and wet. The bridesmaids were soaked, and the bride was nervous about her dress getting dirty. But never once did she question what I asked her to do, and in turn, we got the most gorgeous photos in some magical locations!

all of these gowns are from BHLDN!

And this one here, we were on top of a mountain for this engagement shoot and the sun was setting so I was running around like an actual mad woman literally chasing the light, these two happily followed me all over the mountain top. That. GLOW.

Another huge part of trusting your photographer, is trusting in their workflow. All that you should be doing is showing up and being present with your boo. You don't need to give your photographer a shot list of poses or pictures that you want (outside of family photo combinations and must have group shots during the reception of course). Of course if there are a couple of photos that you've seen that you would love to have for your own, definitely suggest them as you're shooting, but giving your photographer a long list of shots to recreate can easily throw them off of their normal workflow, therefore you aren't getting the best possible results, yielding the types of images that you saw on their website or social media. Let your photographer do their own thing, and that's when all of the good stuff happens! Imagine your own job. You have a process, right? A system or a way that you do things. Now imagine someone telling you to do it a different way. It throws you off right? Same concept!

So when searching for a photographer, if you don't LOVE their work, move on to someone else. You need to love what they do to be able to trust in them enough to let them do all of the work.

Hope you find that helpful!!! Reach out any time you have any questions! Have the most MAGICAL wedding day!!!!

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