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Fall In New England {Engagement}

When Sydney first emailed me to inquire about my services, she responded back to me right away telling me about her, and about their love just like I asked. (I want to know who I'm talking to, people!) But what really sealed the deal for me, was that she included photographs from their proposal. It was right at that moment that I knew I wanted to work with them and was determined to make them feel the same way. I connect with people strongly, based on their words, and they way that they tell me the story of their lives and their love, their interests and their careers, and I realize that when people are shopping around for photographer prices, they don't always feel like sharing that information with me. So when someone takes the time to do so...those are my people. So anyway...Sydney and Alex are my people by this point, and once they sent me the photos from their engagement I had decided that I was photographing their wedding, and now I had to get them to see it too. (Not weird of me at all, right?)

So I talked to them a little more, and fell in love with them. They have a pretty crazy schedule between their two careers and traveling for them. But to see two people so invested in each other and staying strong through the chaos of every day life is very refreshing. That's my favorite thing about them. They have a schedule and career path that should by all means seem chaotic and somewhat frantic. But they are completely invested in each other and it shows. Their engagement shoot was my first time meeting them and I was in awe, listening to them tell me about their lives and what they are up to.

It was pretty chilly in Connecticut on this day, especially for them coming from Kansas City. In typical New England Fashion, we walked a tiny little town and played in the leaves and they were troopers about the weather. And it was more than worth the cold. <3

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