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Do you want to make your wedding photographer search WAY easier?!

I want you to, too girl (or boy?!). Here are some tips! 


Love Their Work! 

Honestly, if you don't love their work from your first peek at their insta, or website, don't waste your time.

You have to look at these images for the rest of your life. Don't ask them to edit differently, or shoot like another photographer you saw. You aren't going to get the results you want that way. This is a big investment, you need to love their work first and foremost. When you find someone's work that you love, you should feel it from the start.  If you don't like their style, end it there. 


                    Build a CONNECTION with them.

This second tip is actually probably a tie for first. You should feel a connection with your wedding photographer, because you will spend the most time with them on wedding day, and in some cases (like for all of my couples) even throughout the planning process. If you don't love them as a person, outside of the service they provide, it probably won't be a very fun experience. BUT! You shouldn't be doing all the work here. Your prospective wedding photographer should also be making the first moves to find a connection with you. Why? Because if they aren't also actively trying to find couples who THEY click well with, then it's probably not important to them to build a connection with their couples, which helps them to be able to document a wedding day in a significantly more authentic manner with a deeper emotional connection in each image. 
So what are some ways you can figure out if you vibe well with  a wedding photographer? 

TALK to them. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth for me to get people to have a conversation outside of  "how much are your services?"  Sure, that's a very important question. The most important to some people. But would it matter if they were in your budget, if they were a total drag to talk to or be around?  Or they didn't understand your vision?
If your potential photographer is asking you questions, answer them, and ask some questions back! You don't need to become their best friend, but they are creating the heirlooms that your future generations will pass down. You need them to WANT to be part of your wedding story. And you need to want THEM to be part of it. 


Snag Them Up! 

If you found those two things above, but you're hesitating because you might find someone else, or you want a lower quote- you're going to lose them. I can't tell you how many times I've had to turn someone down because they waited too long to book with me and then someone else came along and booked their wedding date.

If you love a wedding photographer, (or any vendor) and love their work, lock them in right away! There are thousands upon thousands of wedding vendors that service your area. You will ALWAYS be able to find other options, and it can get overwhelming. 

But when you connect with a wedding photographer, and they connect with you in return, that's when all the best experiences happen and you don't want to miss it! 


     The most commonly asked question that you definitely DON'T Need to Ask Your Prospective Wedding Photographers:

- "What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

It's irrelevant. If you've seen their work and you love it, it doesn't matter what it was created with. 

Focus on questions that are relevant and important to YOU! (ie: "Who is your favorite character on The Office"...because if someone says Angela or Jan, you prob don't want them photographing your wedding, am I right?)

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